Zero a Zero


Un Chien Andalou (1929)

Un Chien Andalou is Bunuel's first film and collaboration with Salvador Dali, a surreal exploration of desire and passion.


what a shitty thing to say, did you really mean it?

His first release, Roman Candle (1994), came about when Smith's girlfriend at the time convinced him to send a tape of "the most recent eight songs that [he’d] recorded on borrowed four-tracks and borrowed guitar" to Cavity Search Records.[19] Owner Christopher Cooper immediately requested to release the entire album of songs, which surprised Smith, as he was only expecting a deal for a seven-inch record.[20] Regarding the record, Smith said "I thought my head would be chopped off immediately when it came out because at the time it was so opposite to the grunge thing that was popular... The thing is that album was really well-received, which was a total shock, and it immediately eclipsed [Heatmiser] unfortunately."[19]

Smith felt his solo songs were not representative of the music Heatmiser was making: "The idea of playing [my music] for people didn't occur to me... because at the time it was the NorthwestMudhoney and Nirvana—and going out to play an acoustic show was like crawling out on a limb and begging for it to be sawed off." [21]

The instrumentation of the recordings was primarily acoustic guitar, occasionally accompanied by brief electric guitar riffs or a small drum set played with brushes. Only the final track, an instrumental titled "Kiwi Maddog 20/20" (a reference to the low-end fortified wine), had full band instrumentation.



Até ao fim do ano só vou ouvir Nasty.


one with the underdogs

In collaboration with London studio “Pictures On Walls”, a selection of artist editions by some of the most renowned names of the international urban art scene will also be on display, including: Mode2, Steve Powers, Parra, Sam3 andBlu.

The occasion will also mark the launching of the Underdogs online base, at The website will serve as interface between the public and the platform, conveying communications regarding its several projects, connections to the various agents and the sale of limited-edition screen prints; editions by artists connected with the project; books, both published by Underdogs or in partnership with other agents (readily available is the recent “Alexandre Farto / Vhils – Selected Works 2005-2010”, that focuses on the artist’s last five years of work); a selection of editions by artists connected with the street/guerrilla scene of Bogota, Colombia.

tuesdays = nowhere

No Good Reason está cada vez melhor.


We Do All Of This Together. from Michael Brennan on Vimeo.

Video da Tour de dez dias das bandas Adorno e Eric Ayotte.

A longo prazo, a individualidade mata.

musas inspiradoras (cabrão!...)


de notar que...
nem todas as alturas são boas para beber Tagus.


quem nao arisk it! não petisca

Dia 19 de Fevereiro os Alemães RISK IT! vêm a Lisboa.
Já tinha saudades de organizar um concerto e tenho muito gosto em voltar com uma banda que, sendo pouco conhecida, sinto que pode vir a deixar a sua marca futuramente.
Dêem uma oportunidade e ouçam-nos (o myspace tem link para download do ep e as letras), tenho a certeza que vão gostar.




troubled water

The world's gone mand, out of it's mind
Don't trust no one, looks can deceive
Nothing here will ever change
Comfort by only the pain
Fingers point shifting the blame
Meanwhile were slaughtered in vain
There's not time for love just time to kill just time to kill



Deve ter sido lindo.

in fashion

Graças a Deus que ainda existem bandas que queriam viver em 1982.

myspace da editora (tem uma música e videos)



Um artista que expôs recentemente no CCC e me agradou, principalmente, com a suas "luzes".


that's the way it is

ivory tower


Gonzales, born Jason Charles Beck, is a Canadian musician currently residing in Paris, France. Though most well known for his first MC and electro albums, he is also a pianist, producer, and songwriter.

He regularly collaborates with the Canadian musicians Feist, Peaches and Mocky. Additionally, he has collaborated with Jamie Lidell on the albumsMultiply and Compass, and Buck 65 on the album Secret House Against the World.



Peixoto diz (19:42):
curtes do meu tumblr?

hermano diz (19:43):
ya curto

Peixoto diz (19:43):
ah poi nao

hermano diz (19:43):
podias era la por porn

Peixoto diz (19:43):
pa qe

hermano diz (19:44):
pa mostrar vaginas ao mundo

wish came true

A segunda melhor série de sempre chama-se Six Feet Under.

Está na baía dos piratas com qualidade excepcional.